February 22, 2010

How to conquer FAT32 in Windows

Hey Guys, sorry it's been quiet but its because I've been splitting time between the more important things like family, work, and school. Which leaves less time for things like random babble here and video games lol. I'm recently enrolled in a digital imaging class that requires me to use Photoshop cs4 on Mac; well not all Mac's can read external hard drives that are formatted NTFS. From my understanding Snow Leopard will be the first but don't quote me on that as I'm not an Apple guy.

Anywho Windows doesn't allow you to format external memory in FAT32 beyond 30GBS that means any drive exceeding this amount will error out upon formatting attempt. Moreover Windows 7 doesn't even offer a FAT32 options, mainly because it's old as hell and quite honestly a bad way to store your data. So what's the solution for a person with HDD that exceeds this amount. Here's a few:
  1. Get a new smaller HDD (umm no)
  2. Find a friend with a Mac and format it there or at the school lab (possibly)
  3. Buy an Apple HDD that already comes FAT32 (not me I don't got the $$$ for that)
  4. GOOGLE it!

Well I chose number 4 and with very little skill, mostly being able to follow directions, and a white belt in Linux-based Ubuntu; I overcame the problem and have a FAT32-based external HDD that is 150 GB.

How'd I get there? Well tune in and I'll provide all the juicy details in the coming post!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease


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