September 11, 2011

Still working on it...

Hey folks, haven't posted in a bit I've been heads down on quite a few things and getting ready to make some moves.  Before I go further let me just say I would like to thank all of those men and women serving in the arm forces for us; without them I couldn't freely do stuff like this!  I know its cliche at this point but I don't you can do anything on a day like today without showing them the respect they deserve...Nearly my entire family has served in the Military.  My grandfather and his sons on my Mother's side and my Dad and brother.  Me and my younger brother haven't but I think if things went differently for Jacob, my younger brother, he may have.

I'm still thinking of my next how-to post; not sure what it will be on - maybe a series of  "like" things or just random stream like my thoughts as of gut tells me that whatever it is it will probably happen after my job situation gains more clarity.  As always, I'm looking for topics and at this point they will certainly take precedence since.

Lastly, may be shutting down for a week or so while I finalize things and spend some much needed time away with the family in a very warm climate!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!
-G. Graves