November 06, 2011

Finally landed...feels great...lets talk tech

So I am happy to report your boy has landed at a great company just north of the border in the great liberal state of New Hampshire.  I work for a software company that provides fleet management solutions to the transportation industry. Back in the saddle as an SE and loving every minute of it!

Now that we're done with this escapade lets talk tech; next week I'm going to give a review and steps on how to convert your Windows Home Server to a virtual server using a virtualization hypervisor. It's a great way to optimize your hardware usage and get maximum storage (hard drive) efficiency.  As always take care of yourselves and each other as Springer would say!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!

October 17, 2011

Getting close...Almost there.

So once again to the handful of you still tuning...thank you!

It's been busy in fact I've been more busy now than most times with school and a 40hr+ work week! Well maybe not that bad...but still its been fun keeping busy and finding new interest.  Really quick I want to send Bday wishes to my nephew, grandfather (posthumously), friends, etc...we have a few October peeps including myself and as I look at celebrating my birthday this year I can't help but reflect.  I made a comment on a friends FB status that I and probably many of us need to keep in mind.  Things aren't perfect and nothing ever will be and we'll always have a battle because those are facts.  But what I said is something helped me deal with my current job seeking activity and to be honest its a little divine in spirit but any case. I said, "We're only given what we can handle and the broader shoulders; the heavier the load".

So what does that grateful with what you have and continue to "fight the good fight". We're all capable in doing what's necessary in life we need to keep our faith - in ourselves and each other. During the past couple of weeks I've been reminding myself of this and the karma is starting to pay off while I don't have any definitive answers; I do see light at the end of the tunnel and its rewarding.

Lastly, this has turned more into a journal lately but next post we're back to technology - I've recently "virtualized" my Windows Home Server on some equipment I have and I'd like to share my experience and result unless someone interjects wanting to talk about something else (which hasn't happened yet, LOL).

September 11, 2011

Still working on it...

Hey folks, haven't posted in a bit I've been heads down on quite a few things and getting ready to make some moves.  Before I go further let me just say I would like to thank all of those men and women serving in the arm forces for us; without them I couldn't freely do stuff like this!  I know its cliche at this point but I don't you can do anything on a day like today without showing them the respect they deserve...Nearly my entire family has served in the Military.  My grandfather and his sons on my Mother's side and my Dad and brother.  Me and my younger brother haven't but I think if things went differently for Jacob, my younger brother, he may have.

I'm still thinking of my next how-to post; not sure what it will be on - maybe a series of  "like" things or just random stream like my thoughts as of gut tells me that whatever it is it will probably happen after my job situation gains more clarity.  As always, I'm looking for topics and at this point they will certainly take precedence since.

Lastly, may be shutting down for a week or so while I finalize things and spend some much needed time away with the family in a very warm climate!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!
-G. Graves

August 26, 2011

Tough week but as they say, it'll only make you stronger...

This week has been quite busy for a guy on a corporate sponsored vacation.

I went with my former colleagues (and friends) to bid our former CTO and fantastic guy Clint Battersby as he was called home after a long fought battle with cancer. Still miss the hell out of you buddy! I also supported a close friend of mine that I've known 14+ years as he did the same for his grandmother; emotionally draining but I'm glad I was able to be there for him as well as Clint's family. Losing loved ones here, is very tough...but trust in your faith and you'll pull through.

On a lighter note I may have some more news on the change I discussed a couple of posts ago; I had a great meeting this past Wednesday with all signs pointing in the right direction and I'm just waiting to hear back within the next week on final decisions. The thing about this gig is I had the opportunity to bump into a mentor of mine and the coolest part was he plays cast in one my funny interview stories so we got to share a good laugh about that and then the interviewer came out to the hall and asked if I was already making friends and when I told him who it was we had another great laugh.

Humor is good especially in tough times like this where your faith is tested on so many levels. I'm looking forward to sharing the news soon!

Next week we'll also get back to some tech stuff too; so please let me know what you want to know and we'll make it happen!

Peace, love, and chicken grease!

August 19, 2011

A Great Man Remembered...

He was a mentor to me and my colleagues - he taught me a great deal in the short amount of time I got spend with him. He was taken from us far too soon after a long hard fought battle with cancer. We're all at a loss because you meant so much to us and touched us all and while we haven't worked together for some time I'll personally miss walking into your office and shaking your hand everyday. It wasn't a big deal but you were the type of guy that would let me or anyone else whom you worked with barge into your office to vent, gain advice, or simply shoot the proverbial "breeze". I'll also, miss our Friday and Monday meetings to "strategize" about who to play or to pick up off waivers for our fantasy football team (people laughed when we picked up Brett Farve in '09 and we laughed all the way to the playoffs)...or just goofing around between calls with partners and customers.

You made what marginal success I had during our time together largely possible because you would sit and coach me on call after call until I actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about and I love you for that! I especially enjoyed our first meeting during my interview with you before joining the company...Scott said, "Whatever Clint asks you be honest...and if he asks you to have a drink; do it". And I'll tell you can't buy that kind of outlook and perspective on life because its priceless and rubs off on everybody around no matter how the day was going you go talk to Clint and immediately feel better.

We all have tough shoes to fill as we pick each other and cope with losing you; my goal is to do my best to make people feel as ease and good about themselves as you did for us!

Clint, God has called you home brother and for that I'm thankful because I know that I'll get to see you again. Until then, Rest In Peace and may God lift your family, friends and colleagues up in his grace as we work at dealing with the loss of man whom we all loved dearly.

God Bless You.

August 01, 2011

Next steps...

So now that I've whined a bit lets talk about how we roll into the next role. I've been looking various options in the market place and have landed on some interesting developments. First not many of you know this but I'm a bit geeky, well you know that, but I think if you knew me personally you didn't know of my love for learning technologies. Early in my career I had the opportunity to work for a leader in live learning solutions that has since gotten acquired but fostered in me; this long term desire to take what I've learned selling and apply it to teaching and content development. My life goal is to park in public sector gig making technology decisions about this very topic when I get a few more gray hairs or it falls (both are starting more, LOL).

Anyway, I'm excited to at these possibilities and look forward to the coming weeks and look forward to sharing more as decisions are made down the line. Having said all that I'm a spiritual guy and everything happens for a reason so I may come back with more of the same but the opportunity to be talking fulfilling dreams now is pretty awesome. So...until more about this, I won't speak about it...I'd like to get back to blogging about helping people so hit me up in the social sphere (presumably Twitter) and let me know what you want to discuss!

We can chat about anything we aren't the ThinkTank for nothing!

July 27, 2011

It's been way too long...

Hey there,

So after a long hiatus I found myself where I was 2 years ago when I established this blog...looking for work. A lot has happened since then, my wife and I had a another child ( a girl, just turned 1), I graduated from school (finally.), and I got chewed up a bit from life's changes and challenges but I'm still here!

Quick catch up; I decided to change career paths and stay in "Start-up Land" pursuing a role more as an sales guy but focused on partner recruiting and enablement...Needless to say I've had a little bad luck both companies made executive and business strategy changes and I found myself back at the unemployment line. I was taken back by the last two years but that hasn't changed my focus which is to still be a guy that can do whatever it takes to helps his company be successful period.

All that being said I'm playing to strengths this go around and may shy away - at least for now from "Start-up Land"; so I can get back to basics and being consistently successful. Stay tuned, changes are coming!

Peace, love, and chicken grease!