August 19, 2011

A Great Man Remembered...

He was a mentor to me and my colleagues - he taught me a great deal in the short amount of time I got spend with him. He was taken from us far too soon after a long hard fought battle with cancer. We're all at a loss because you meant so much to us and touched us all and while we haven't worked together for some time I'll personally miss walking into your office and shaking your hand everyday. It wasn't a big deal but you were the type of guy that would let me or anyone else whom you worked with barge into your office to vent, gain advice, or simply shoot the proverbial "breeze". I'll also, miss our Friday and Monday meetings to "strategize" about who to play or to pick up off waivers for our fantasy football team (people laughed when we picked up Brett Farve in '09 and we laughed all the way to the playoffs)...or just goofing around between calls with partners and customers.

You made what marginal success I had during our time together largely possible because you would sit and coach me on call after call until I actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about and I love you for that! I especially enjoyed our first meeting during my interview with you before joining the company...Scott said, "Whatever Clint asks you be honest...and if he asks you to have a drink; do it". And I'll tell you can't buy that kind of outlook and perspective on life because its priceless and rubs off on everybody around no matter how the day was going you go talk to Clint and immediately feel better.

We all have tough shoes to fill as we pick each other and cope with losing you; my goal is to do my best to make people feel as ease and good about themselves as you did for us!

Clint, God has called you home brother and for that I'm thankful because I know that I'll get to see you again. Until then, Rest In Peace and may God lift your family, friends and colleagues up in his grace as we work at dealing with the loss of man whom we all loved dearly.

God Bless You.