February 22, 2010

How to conquer FAT32 in Windows

Hey Guys, sorry it's been quiet but its because I've been splitting time between the more important things like family, work, and school. Which leaves less time for things like random babble here and video games lol. I'm recently enrolled in a digital imaging class that requires me to use Photoshop cs4 on Mac; well not all Mac's can read external hard drives that are formatted NTFS. From my understanding Snow Leopard will be the first but don't quote me on that as I'm not an Apple guy.

Anywho Windows doesn't allow you to format external memory in FAT32 beyond 30GBS that means any drive exceeding this amount will error out upon formatting attempt. Moreover Windows 7 doesn't even offer a FAT32 options, mainly because it's old as hell and quite honestly a bad way to store your data. So what's the solution for a person with HDD that exceeds this amount. Here's a few:
  1. Get a new smaller HDD (umm no)
  2. Find a friend with a Mac and format it there or at the school lab (possibly)
  3. Buy an Apple HDD that already comes FAT32 (not me I don't got the $$$ for that)
  4. GOOGLE it!

Well I chose number 4 and with very little skill, mostly being able to follow directions, and a white belt in Linux-based Ubuntu; I overcame the problem and have a FAT32-based external HDD that is 150 GB.

How'd I get there? Well tune in and I'll provide all the juicy details in the coming post!

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease


January 06, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I can officially say I've been in my own little hibernation but I'm back and plan to be back as much as I can providing all sorts of random nonsense mostly tech related or as technical as I can make it.

Where have I been?
No people this wasn't a pause on life it was life taking over my time to blog. Back in July I proclaimed to set out (with a great team) to co-found and launch a company that provides a unique approach to something very traditional since the dawn of the "dot com" era: Web Design. Since then we've launched our site and have finalized our packaged solutions and our company from this day forward shall be known as Bold Universe.

About Bold
Bold Universe is a collaborative solutions provider that is about providing our clients with a solution that solves their digital presence dilemma. What is a "digital presence"? It's a term we use since it's not just about web 2.x or 3.x, social media, community, print, logo, leader head, or even tradeshow equipment. It's about all of that being provided by the level of expertise that isn't always found at one-stop boutique agency. At Bold our commitment is to leverage our network of solution providers to join us in executing on your success.

Check us out we're happy to evaluate your digital presence and offer feedback as to how BOLD it can go!

What's next
Honestly more of the same; with the launch of Bold Universe in conjunction with my day-to-day at a great virtualization solution firm Desktone, I'm keeping pretty busy...oh I forgot to mention my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child, a girl. We are very excited!

While 2009 started off bumpy it closed out quite awesomely as I look forward to providing great information in the coming posts in 2010, on all topics but let's be honest I'm a bit of geek so I'll probably always almost be chatting about the latest tech stuff.

Peace, love, and chicken grease