July 27, 2011

It's been way too long...

Hey there,

So after a long hiatus I found myself where I was 2 years ago when I established this blog...looking for work. A lot has happened since then, my wife and I had a another child ( a girl, just turned 1), I graduated from school (finally.), and I got chewed up a bit from life's changes and challenges but I'm still here!

Quick catch up; I decided to change career paths and stay in "Start-up Land" pursuing a role more as an sales guy but focused on partner recruiting and enablement...Needless to say I've had a little bad luck both companies made executive and business strategy changes and I found myself back at the unemployment line. I was taken back by the last two years but that hasn't changed my focus which is to still be a guy that can do whatever it takes to helps his company be successful period.

All that being said I'm playing to strengths this go around and may shy away - at least for now from "Start-up Land"; so I can get back to basics and being consistently successful. Stay tuned, changes are coming!

Peace, love, and chicken grease!