October 17, 2011

Getting close...Almost there.

So once again to the handful of you still tuning...thank you!

It's been busy in fact I've been more busy now than most times with school and a 40hr+ work week! Well maybe not that bad...but still its been fun keeping busy and finding new interest.  Really quick I want to send Bday wishes to my nephew, grandfather (posthumously), friends, etc...we have a few October peeps including myself and as I look at celebrating my birthday this year I can't help but reflect.  I made a comment on a friends FB status that I and probably many of us need to keep in mind.  Things aren't perfect and nothing ever will be and we'll always have a battle because those are facts.  But what I said is something helped me deal with my current job seeking activity and to be honest its a little divine in spirit but any case. I said, "We're only given what we can handle and the broader shoulders; the heavier the load".

So what does that mean...be grateful with what you have and continue to "fight the good fight". We're all capable in doing what's necessary in life we need to keep our faith - in ourselves and each other. During the past couple of weeks I've been reminding myself of this and the karma is starting to pay off while I don't have any definitive answers; I do see light at the end of the tunnel and its rewarding.

Lastly, this has turned more into a journal lately but next post we're back to technology - I've recently "virtualized" my Windows Home Server on some equipment I have and I'd like to share my experience and result unless someone interjects wanting to talk about something else (which hasn't happened yet, LOL).

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