August 01, 2011

Next steps...

So now that I've whined a bit lets talk about how we roll into the next role. I've been looking various options in the market place and have landed on some interesting developments. First not many of you know this but I'm a bit geeky, well you know that, but I think if you knew me personally you didn't know of my love for learning technologies. Early in my career I had the opportunity to work for a leader in live learning solutions that has since gotten acquired but fostered in me; this long term desire to take what I've learned selling and apply it to teaching and content development. My life goal is to park in public sector gig making technology decisions about this very topic when I get a few more gray hairs or it falls (both are starting more, LOL).

Anyway, I'm excited to at these possibilities and look forward to the coming weeks and look forward to sharing more as decisions are made down the line. Having said all that I'm a spiritual guy and everything happens for a reason so I may come back with more of the same but the opportunity to be talking fulfilling dreams now is pretty awesome. So...until more about this, I won't speak about it...I'd like to get back to blogging about helping people so hit me up in the social sphere (presumably Twitter) and let me know what you want to discuss!

We can chat about anything we aren't the ThinkTank for nothing!

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