March 24, 2009

First Time OUT, keep with me and we'll get it!

Hey Everyone,

After several years of accruing bits of knowledge during my nearly 10 yrs in software I need some therapy. What better way to treat myself then to post it here for your enjoyment; comeback soon we got some stuff that may be of interest to you!

A question was asked if this was to treat me or readers. My hope is we all get a lil something out of what is shared.


  1. Once I can get an updated picture of me and my husband I will post it. I feel honored to be the first follower of a beautiful family.

    Take care and God Bless,

  2. And we never talked about Think Tanks before this, go figure. The TTT (Tiny Think Tank) even has a logo and everything hehehe.

  3. I'd be honored if you can pro bono me a logo for my blog Tiny :-)...otherwise I'll have to butcher something together lol